Mandatory Gear Lists

Runners at Ultra-Trail Kosciuszko by UTMB will be required to carry a set of mandatory gear throughout their race.

The mandatory gear list contains what we believe is the absolute minimum to keep you safe during the event and in the Snowy Mountains’ unpredictable weather systems. If you would normally take something extra on a run of this duration, you should still take it.

The course passes through remote trails, where protection from the elements and medical/support services could be some time/distance from athletes needing assistance. It is therefore imperative that the mandatory gear is carried at all times.

In order to reduce waste, we are a cup-less event. Athletes are strongly advised to carry their own drinking cup, bottle or hydration vest that they can use at aid stations for the selection of drinks. We recommend you also carry water between aid stations.

Full mandatory gear lists will be provided 6 months out from the event.

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